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Big Game Hunting


Caprivi Big Game Hunting

We offer Big Game Hunting safari in the majestic, unspoilt and game rich Caprivi region

The Caprivi region is untouched and teeming with wildlife. Let us take you on an adventure in search of your big game trophies.

This free-range hunting area not only offers the most incredible hunting you’ll ever experience, it also lets you experience nature in its rawest state. Very few people get the opportunity to explore this virtually uninhabited area where animals reign supreme.

Track massive herds of the mighty buffalo and elephant. Stalk incredibly large crocodiles and hippo in an environment that will take your breath away every minute of every day.

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Here You will find the basic information about Caprivi Hunting Lodge!



WiFi Available


Number of Rooms

5 Double Chalets equiped with their own shower & Toilets

Swimming Pool




Type of Hunting Game

Buffalo, Crocodile, Elephant, Hippo

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